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Our Lady Of Health - Velankanni

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Shrine Basilica Chronology

Our Lady Health - Velankanni

Shrine Basilica Chronology

The narration of apparitions of our lady of Good Health dawned in the 16th century.

Vailankanni which had been a sub – station of Nagapattinam parish, was bifurcated from Nagapattinam and raised to the status of a Parish in September 1771.

The majestic Shrine facing the east, was extended twice in 1920 and 1933 and the tiled roof was converted in to concrete in 1981.

His Holiness Pope John the XXIII elevated the Shrine to the status of Basilica on the 3rd of November 1962. The apparitions of Our Lady, the miraculous statue of Our Lady, the countless miracles, the magnificent architecture and the beauty of the Shrine, were the motives for the Shrine to become a Minor Basilica.

“The world day of the Sick” was celebrated in the Shrine Basilica in the year 2002.

Vailankanni was declared the ‘Lourdes of the East’ by His Holiness Pope John Paul II in 2002.

The new chapel in memory of the first apparition of Our Lady to the milk boy, was raised in 1982.

The chapel in memory of the second apparition of Our Lady to the butter – milk vendor lame boy was put up in 2002.

The church of Adoration & Reconciliation which is on the southern side of the Shrine Basilica, houses in the front to make confession and in the rear for adoration to the Blessed Sacrament from 06.00 a.m. to 06.00 p.m. every day. It was built in commemoration of ‘The World Day of the Sick’.

A chapel is proposed to be put up in the sea in memory of Our Lady saving the Portuguese sailors from tempest in the Bay of Bengal.

Our Lady Health - Velankanni

Chronological List of Parish Priests

1822 Feb. Fr. Francisco Xavier Masearenhas

1822 Aug. Fr. Francisco Das Dores

1824 May Fr. Felipe de Jesus

1825 Sep. Fr. Francisco Dos Dores

1828 Jun. Fr. Felipe de Jesus

1829 May Fr. Clemente Das Dores

1847 Oct. Fr. Isidore Manuel Alimao

1858 Apr. Fr. Jose Felis Fernandes AG.PP

1863 Nov. Fr. Felipe Nery Joaquim Dias

1876 May Fr. Ignacio Antonio d’ Andrade

1886 Aug. Fr. Miguel Francisco Fernandes

1890 Dec. Fr. Joaquim Jose Ag. P. Vic. Nagapattinam

1891 Feb. Fr. Cuilherme Jose Dias

1892 Dec. Fr. Joaquim Jose Luis Ag. P. Vic. Nagapattinam

1893 Mar. Fr. Martinho Valeriane de Sa

1899 Sep. Fr. Joaquim Francisco da Fiedade Dias

1900 Aug. Fr. Camilla Fernandes

1910 Jun. to 1942 Fr. Sebastio Xavier de Noronha

1942 Sep. to 1963 Fr. M. V. Rodriguez

1963 Jun. to 1980 Fr. S. Mariasoosai

1980 Sep. to 1982 Fr. Thomas Vaz

1982 Sep. to 1990 Fr. S. L. Gabriel

1990 May to 1998 Fr. M.M. Sammanasu

1998 Jun to 2003 Fr. G. Arul Iruthayam

2003 Jun to 2009 Fr. P. Xavier

2009 Jun to 2015 Fr. A. Michael

2015 Jun to 2021 Oct Fr. Prabahar

2021 Nov to till now Fr. C. Irudhayaraj

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